A Very Kiwi Christmas

From the heart of the South Pacific come three heart-warming interconnected novellas that celebrate the heat of a summer Christmas!

Christmas in Paradise by Courtney Clark Michaels
When event planner Jessie Steel gets the opportunity to spend the Christmas period working on the tropical Pacific island of Avali, she jumps at the chance. Sure, the location is gorgeous but more than that, she needs an excuse for avoiding her own family in the wake of her cousin's engagement news.Aspiring politician Peni Tanielu is thriving in his role as assistant to Prince Aleki's Pacific outreach program. Working with Jessie to collaborate their boss's schedules makes everything easier, so he's happy to help her with anything she needs in Avali. But a change in location leads to a change in their relationship - and the soaring temperatures aren't just for the climate anymore!An unlucky-in-love event planner. An uptight aspiring politician. Will sharing calendars, dances and a Pacific paradise help them see that the greatest gift of all could be right in front of them?

Holly, Jolly Ex-Mas
Kate Tripp is an over-achiever with a spreadsheet for every occasion, but she’s directionless and spiralling. Five years ago, Kate knew what she wanted, or rather, who, but that crashed and burned. Now her bestie is getting married on Christmas Eve so she’s becoming a wedding planner.Nate Miller is the darling of the pro surfing circuit. The handsome and chilled out athlete always wanted to be a surfer and now he’s living his dream. Life is great! Except he doesn’t speak to his only family and he travels so much that unpacking his suitcase would be a waste of time.The wedding guests are gathered at a luxury estate in remote New Zealand when Nate shows up, sans RSVP. He didn’t come to make waves—he feels bad he couldn’t be what Katie wanted back then, now she wants to maim him with a cake server and he can’t help with that either.She’s sexy when she’s mad though.To survive the silly season, Nate and Kate need to stop bickering in front of the guests, resist the urge to get naked under the Christmas tree, and survive a summer rainstorm trapping them alone on Christmas Eve with only one bed …It’ll take a Kiwi Christmas miracle for these enemies to become lovers the second time around.

Tinsel River by Stephanie Ruth
Pieta, Kiwi singer-songwriter and media darling, returns home from L.A. with an uncertain path ahead, her once healthy ego floundering. Having lost her agent and been dropped by her label, she’s smack-bang in the middle of an intellectual rights dispute.Could anything else go wrong?Income on lockdown, the songstress slinks into Ōtepoti with plans to pick up where she left off before her U.S. contract, horrified to realise every one of her solo-career choices seems to have been the wrong one. She burnt a lot of bridges when she left three years ago, her original sound engineer, Davis Stone, a smoking-hot wreck among them.Not only did their one-night-stand muddy the waters of their working relationship, it made her defection to a U.S. label way too personal.Davis has more than enough going on with fire damage to his house, his dad moving into care, and a ton of Christmas work piling up in the studio… But he also happens to be the best ear in the business, exactly who his ex-crush needs to help cut her comeback EP.Trouble hits the instant the two musos try to work together again. Can Davis learn to handle being in the same studio with Pieta when his feelings have never subsided?When it comes down to it, can Pieta?