Book One in the Hot Rugby Knights series.

Game Changer

Pro rugby league player Finn Chalmers seems like he has it all - money, brains, good looks. But there's one thing the man they call 'Charming' can't get - and that's the attention of his best friend and unrequited love Cara Holt. When a stalker targets Cara, Finn moves her into his place for safety. However, there's nothing safe about being in such tight quarters with temptation.

Having sworn off love years ago, the last thing preschool teacher Cara needs is romantic overtures, especially from some anonymous creep. Freaked out and financially strapped, she reluctantly moves into her best friend’s house. When their new living situation reawakens her early crush on Finn she agrees to one night of passion with the rumoured playboy. But what happens when the commitment-phobic Cara discovers Finn has plans to turn her temporary stay into something permanent?

When the whistle blows and the sun comes up, will Charming have claimed his Happily Ever After?