A Pacific Passions Novella.

Ginger Kisses

Single mum Hilary Whitlock might be a science whiz, but the formula for lasting love has escaped her. Not that this bothers her – until she’s forced to attend the wedding between her ex-husband and her half-sister on Valentine’s Day in her hometown. When her colleague Jeremy offers his services as her fake date for the wedding weekend, she gratefully accepts. Sure, Jeremy’s reputation is more wham-bam than thank you ma’am, but all she needs is a friend to sit beside, and maybe to fetch her a wine or six while she avoids the gossip and pitying looks from her family. He’s the ideal solution.

Jeremy Hart is the perfect one-night boyfriend. Just ask the slew of beneficial friends he’s been keeping company with since his last serious relationship came to a screaming halt two years ago. He’s more than happy to put his good looks and charisma to use, helping a friend out of a difficult situation. But by the time Jeremy and Hilary get to Wānaka, suddenly his role as Hilary’s faux-beau starts to feel a little more real… and sharing a bed isn’t helping his libido get the message that this situation with his boss is only temporary!

One bed. One wedding. One weekend that might change everything. Ginger Kisses is a steamy small-town novella that proves changing one variable is enough to create chemistry in the most unlikely of places.