Book Two in the Hot Rugby Knights series.

Off His Game

Rugby league player Zac Fearon wants one thing - a quiet life. Kind of difficult when his sister has just dropped her two kids on his doorstep and disappeared into the ether. Not that the kids don't love his grumpy uncle vibe, but he's way out of his depth when it comes to child rearing. He needs professional help...

Former au pair and current layabout Izzy Holt wants one thing - a date to her sister's wedding. She's tired of being considered a loose cannon, and nothing says stability like a steady boyfriend - or the illusion of one at least. Too bad all her recent dates have left her cold. Except the one that lit her on fire... with fury.

When Izzy meets Zac again, she's more than keen to even the score, but it turns out he needs her... and he might just be the answer to her problem too.