Valentines in the Vines

Three worlds collide on Valentine's Day in this collection of novellas from award-winning authors set in Central Otago, New Zealand.

Ginger Kisses
Single mum Hilary Whitlock might be a science whiz, but the formula for lasting love has escaped her. Not that this bothers her – until she’s forced to attend the wedding between her ex-husband and her half-sister on Valentine’s Day in Wānaka. When her colleague Jeremy offers his services as her fake date for the wedding weekend, she gratefully accepts. Sure, Jeremy’s reputation is more wham-bam than thank you ma’am, but all she needs is a friend to sit beside, and maybe to fetch her a wine or six while she avoids the gossip and pitying looks from her family. He’s the ideal solution.
Jeremy Hart is the perfect one-night boyfriend. Just ask the slew of beneficial friends he’s been keeping company with since his last serious relationship came to a screaming halt two years ago. He’s more than happy to put his good looks and charisma to use, helping a friend out of a difficult situation. But by the time Jeremy and Hilary get to Wānaka, suddenly his role as Hilary’s faux-beau starts to feel a little more real… and sharing a bed isn’t helping his libido get the message that this situation with his boss is only temporary!
One bed. One wedding. One weekend that might change everything. Ginger Kisses is a Pacific Passions novella that proves changing one variable is enough to create chemistry in the most unlikely of places.

Taniwha Creek
Barista Maddie Stalwart-Jones has known Todd Kaihanga all her life, but no matter where her brain wanders when she's not vigilant, she refuses to consider her brother’s best mate as anything other than off limits. It would be all wrong, right? The self-proclaimed pessimist is intent on ignoring the fact her cafe manager is the only guy she can relax and be herself around, and the only person she's comfortable talking about her dead brother with. Intent on escaping Wānaka, where everyone seems to have an opinion on her intimate business and family history, falling for Todd would be highly inconvenient.
Todd’s a patient guy, but he’s had enough of waiting around for Maddie to notice he’ could be so much more than a shoulder to lean on. When Maddie’s mother finally agrees to accept some help with her run down property, it’s a perfect catalyst for Todd to prove to his high school crush that his optimistic streak isn’t a curse, it’s the perfect yin to her yang. The wedding of the year is about to kick off, and there’s only one woman he wants to be dancing with.
Stephanie Ruth invites you to escape to Wānaka in Taniwha Creek, an Otago Waters’ grumpy-versus-sunshine novella, where friends really do make the best lovers.

Heart Eyes
Dean wants to be left alone. Hannah’s a pathological liar. A shortbread festival brings them together.
While photographing lingerie models for a sexy Valentine’s Day photoshoot, Hannah Holliday finds herself in a professionally compromising position. To save face, she tells people the grumpy man who owns the hotel they’re shooting at is her boyfriend. This is news to Dean. Her quote-unquote, boyfriend.
Hannah has her reasons, but none of them matter to Dean Harris, reluctant hotelier. He’s busy avoiding his guests and trying not to leer at the tall, freckled boudoir photographer. As his best friend’s cousin, Hannah’s definitely off limits. Having the Royal Hotel linked to Hannah’s boudoir business is a risk aspiring designer Dean can’t afford, but a persistent vision of her body wrapped around his is wreaking havoc on his sense of self. Before Dean can say tit pic, he’s initiating conversations, attending a wedding as Hannah’s fake date, and learning how to sext.
Dean might be the strong and silent type, but luckily for Hannah, his mouth has other talents. And she’s not lying when she begs for more.

Join us for the wedding of the season, where toasts will be made, love will be found, and lives will be changed.